About The Workout.

Get ready for the most intense and effective workout you’ve encountered yet. Our heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep your heart rate in the the “Zone.” The results are more energy, visible toning and an extra calorie after burn. We call it the “Live Free Zone Effect,” a concept that will help your way to a totally new you. Participants wear heart monitors strapped tightly around their rib cages that read their heart rates and, in theory, their effort levels. And then those heart rates are broadcast on giant flat-screen TVs around the gym in public display of awareness and accountability.

Working in these different zones will get you an extra 350+ calories burned over the next 48 hours in what’s called EPOC: excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. So while you are laying on your couch watching an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, your metabolism is hard at work burning extra calories like a fat burning machine! Live Free Zone training personalizes a group exercise environment with very individual challenges, so everyone can feel good about pushing themselves to do better than what they did yesterday or last week — even if you’re running next to a marathoner.